Cutting tools is one of the key factors of successful work of modern metalworking plant. Wise choice of cutting tools along with machines can be a competitive advantage and significantly effect economy and production abilities of  the company.

That's why we as Ternado Group aim to offer our customers the best and the most efficient tooling solutions. We're always looking for high effective products that can be offered with reasonable price. We form our product line with high quality products that produced by companies specialized in specific fields and are successfully competitors in these fields in foreign markets. Generally we represent products under Ternado™ brend name in Russia


There are key factors for manufactures we are looking for:

  • know how - high quality product
  • good level of technical support
  • short time production


If you are this kind of manufacturer - Welcome to Ternado!


Ternado gives opportunity to try new destinations of European machining industry to Russian customers

In our company work professionals with great experience in metalworking. They supply high-level service and professional support to our customers. We can guarantee that your product will be offered to customers in professional and effective way.

Today Ternado Group has two offices in Russia - in Moscow (the capital and the biggest commercial center of Russia) and Chelyabinsk (one of the most developed industrial centers).

Our mission is to provide presence of  the most high technology and economically effective metalworking  and machine building solutions on Russian market, involving in work and integrating experience of leading niche manufactorers.

Your gate to Russian metalworking market

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